NEC SV9100

NEC SV9100

The brand new SV9100 system from NEC comes armed with a slick new look including face lifted handsets, stylish hardware and exciting new options to make your communications more efficient.

The SV9100 is a unique modular communication solution that is scalable to suit any size of business.

From a startup business with a handful of phones to an established company with a hundred extensions or more, the SV9100 boasts powerful technology to cater for every aspect of your business telephony.

Our team at MMS Comms can recommend, install, maintain and train your staff to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment and the most out of your system.

At a glance, here are just a few reasons why the SV9100 is a good choice for your business:

  1. True business quality handsets that are stylish, well-built and functional, with the unique ability to upgrade as they are modular and can be customised if required
  2. The system can grow as you do, as the SV9100 is a scalable product which can be expanded without the need for substantial further investment
  3. MyCalls call monitoring and reporting software allows you to dig deep into the heart of your communication activity and discover ways to improve your call handling ability and enhance your customer experience. Click here for more information.
  4. Home workers can be integrated into your system with a fully transparent extension located anywhere in the world that will function in the same way as an office based member of staff. This is a truly powerful, cost effective home worker solution. Click here for more information.
  5. Computer Telephony Integration allows your workers to dial from their PC or laptop desktop, and if your customer contact management software is compatible it can be linked with the SV9100 system to present client details on your PC or laptop before you answer the call
  6. Mobile Extensions give your staff the ability to have their mobile phone ringing in tandem with their normal desk extension and allowing them to place the call on hold and transfer back to the office if necessary
  7. If your receptionist is struggling to cope with the volume of calls in to the building, the SV9100 PC based operator console allows reception to be managed via the PC and the mouse whilst using a compatible headset. Calls can be prioritised and whilst on a call the operator can "drag and drop" calls to their destination via a graphical user interface.
  8. Built in conference bridge facility allows multiple participants in a single call to destinations that can be both internal, external, abroad or even on a mobile phone.

Whatever you would like the SV9100 to do, the chances are, it will have the ability, please just ask.

For further information or to obtain a no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us here.

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