IP Telephony - VoIP/SIP

There has been a lot of publicity, both positive and negative, concerning the relatively new technology of VoIP and SIP.

SIP trunks are essentially "lines" for your calls delivered over an internet connection. Here at MMS Comms, we can give you impartial advice on whether this technology is suitable for your business and if it is, we can implement everything from the engineering to the connectivity in house.

VoIP is more often used to refer to where instead of having a telephone system, you pay a monthly subscription for a software platform on our servers, and you simply have either desk phones, software phones or similar to suit your business. This technology can be extremely useful as the capital outlay is low and it can be easily budgeted for as it's simply monthly fee.

This product does not suit all businesses as it relies heavily on good quality connectivity. Please ask us for honest, realistic advice to see if these products can help you.

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