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Some of your most expensive assets, i.e. your communications and your staff can be managed effortlessly from a supervisor's desktop. The MyCalls range includes call monitoring, call centre management, call recording and call activity analysis. All this happens in real time allowing you to respond to changing conditions in your business. This is relevant to businesses regardless of their size - it's not just for call centres.

Just some of the reasons you should consider MyCalls in your business:

  1. Improve customer service
  2. Improve staff efficiency
  3. Help manage and measure sales and marketing activity
  4. Aid staff training
  5. Call handling information can be displayed on a screen for motivational purposes
  6. Real time information enabled you to react quickly to changes in your business

MyCalls is a flexible software package that can be adapted to almost any business setup - why not get in touch with us today to discuss how this could be integrated in your communications infrastructure or for a demo.

For further information or to obtain a no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us here.

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