Line bonding is a service which we can manage for you, where at exchange level, we take multiple connections in to your premises, and bind them back to produce one connection. For example, if you have 2 x 4MB lines, this means you have 1 x 8MB line, although there is an overhead here so your realistic throughput in this situation would be around 6MB. It is important to discuss this option with us so that we can advise you on whether or not it would be suitable for you and what the end speed is likely to be.

As your internet connection is fundamental to many areas of your business now, it is important to choose a broadband partner who understands this. Here at MMS Comms, we manage a business grade, low contention, high availability network supported in house by our engineers to enable us to deliver you a truly business quality product.

We manage all aspects of the connection, from dealing with internal faults, to managing BT Openreach involvement and offering a single point of contact for all your requirements.

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